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TAMAR 2018 Baby Beach Tent scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. The TAMAR baby beach tent offers plenty of fun for your little ones without worry that they will get burned by the sun’s rays.  This pop-up baby beach tent offers a built-in “pool” that your baby can splash in to stay cool against the heat.  Made of durable and long lasting parachute nylon, flexible tubing made of plastic, and strong stitching; this baby beach tent will provide fun until your baby is not a baby anymore.

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Best Overall Baby Beach Tent

5/5 Product Rating

The TAMAR baby beach tent offers parents an excellent way for their young babies to enjoy the sun and sand without fear of burning. 

The pop-up design can be set up in mere seconds once it is pulled out of the carrying bag.  The included pegs allow you to secure all four corners of the baby tent so it won’t blow away in the beach breeze.

This great baby beach tent is made from strong, durable parachute nylon and features strong stitching and flexible plastic poles that will stand up to regular use. 

Take down is just as easy as setting it up; just twist the flexible poles and collapse them into two circles and put back in the bag.  This beach tent can be easily washed and air dried so it stays a clean and healthy place for your baby to play.

The material of this baby beach tent contains 50 SPF protection from UV rays so your baby stays safe as well as cooler in the shade. The unique and fun mini pool in the center of the baby tent that you can sink into the sand and fill with regular or beach water so your baby can splash and play in the water too. Note: do NOT leave babies unattended in this tent with or without water in the mini pool.

The detachable shade provides even more sun coverage and comes off easily if you don’t want to use it.  This product comes with a 1 year guarantee that if you are not happy with your purchase at any time during the year, contact the company and they will fix the situation to your satisfaction.

2. Babymoov

Best Overall Baby Beach Tent – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

This baby beach tent provides your baby with plenty of room to enjoy the beach without danger of getting a nasty sunburn.

The pop-up design of this fun baby tent sets up in as little as 3 seconds and taking it down is just as fast and easy.

The convenient roll up netting made of mesh will protect your baby from mosquitos and other bugs while still allowing plenty of airflow to get through ; keeping your little one cool and comfortable.

The material of The Babymoov beach tent features UV protection of 50 SPF so your little one is protected from 99% of all UV-B and UV-A rays. The material is also effective at protecting your baby from wind, light showers, and sand too.

The Babymoov baby beach tent comes with a carry bag and stakes to keep the tent secure when it is set up.  It is super lightweight, only 1 ½ pounds, and is super easy to take along with you wherever you go.

3. Thermalabs

4.6/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact baby beach tent that is super easy to set up and take down; look no further than Thermalabs baby beach tent.  In seconds you can have the tent set up and ready to use. It comes with a convenient carry bag and video instructions if you need it so you can see how to fold it for easy transport and storage.

This tent comes with a unique safety buckle that keeps it closed as you are pulling it out of the bag so it does not spring open and poke anyone.  This baby beach tent provides your little one or ones with plenty of room to sit and play while staying protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

There are 4 pockets on the outside of the tent that you can fill with sand to add extra weight and hold it in place securely.  The material used to make this tent is waterproof and wind resistant.  It also features UV protection so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting burned.

Thermalabs baby beach tent has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason. If you don’t like it contact the company and they will give you all your money back.

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

If you’re not convinced that you need a baby beach tent for your baby to enjoy time at the beach and other outside activities, we have listed five great reasons to show you how useful and necessary this item is.

1. The wind – Beach breezes can get really strong at times even on sunny days. A baby’s delicate skin is prone to drying out and irritation from different things and a strong wind is one of them. The baby beach tent protects your baby not only from the sun but from the wind as well.

2. The sun – A baby’s skin does not produce as much melanin as adult skin does. What this means is that even very little exposure to the sun can cause your baby to get sunburned. A baby beach tent protects your baby from these painful and potentially dangerous burns without having to load them down with sunscreen. Young babies cannot use sunscreen which leaves them completely exposed to burns. The baby tent allows them to play for hours without fear of hurting their fragile and sensitive skin.

3. The sand – Sand can be a real pain unfortunately but you can’t enjoy the beach without dealing with the sand. It gets everywhere. Having a baby beach tent for the baby to play in protects them from getting sand in their ears, eyes, hair, and diaper and keeps them much more comfortable.

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

4. The bugs – flies, bees, gnats, and other bugs are commonplace at the beach. Adults and older kids can use bug repellent but a baby cannot. Having a baby beach tent will protect your baby from all these bugs so they can play without getting uncomfortable, itchy bites all over them.

5. Naptime – If your baby gets sleepy at the beach like most do after playing for a while, a baby beach tent provides you with the ability to lay them down for a safe, quiet and comfortable nap. It is a great way to allow the older kids and adults to stay at the beach longer without denying the baby his or her much needed naptime.

What is a Baby Beach Tent?

A baby beach tent is a small tent that provides shade for your baby. They are designed to be large enough for the baby to sit or lie in. Some are large enough for an infant seat or even a pack in play but most are the perfect size for your baby to play safely and nap if they get tired.

Most baby beach tents have three enclosed sides, a bottom, and are open on the front. They are very portable, easy to set up and take down, and are light enough to be carried anywhere.

There are a lot of different types of baby beach tents on the market. The type of baby tent you choose will depend on your specific needs, the age of your baby, and what your plans for the tent are.

Umbrellas vs. Baby Beach Tents

Most adults and teens love to use beach umbrellas for some out of the sun time at the beach. There are several reasons a beach umbrella may not be the best choice for your baby. We’ve listed them below:

  • A baby should be completely out of the sun for his or her protection. This is very important as they can easily burn out in the sun in minutes. The coverage provided with an umbrella can be very inconsistent whereas a tent will provide constant coverage that you don’t have to worry about.
  • Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

  • Umbrellas can be blown over easily in a strong wind. A baby beach tent is made to be anchored securely regardless of the weather. Get a waterproof design and they can even handle a light shower or two.
  • The best quality baby beach tents are made with UV protection that will reduce the amount of radiation that reaches your baby. Most of the baby tents on the market can remove 99% of the UV-A and UV-B rays. An umbrella doesn’t offer the same level of UV protection.

Features of a High Quality Baby Beach Tent

There are a lot of options to choose from once you are ready to purchase a baby beach tent. We have listed some of the most important features to look for once you start shopping. Paying attention to these features will ensure that you choose a baby beach tent with the highest quality you can.

Pop-up design – Setting up complicated beach tents is hard enough. Having to struggle with a baby beach tent while you have your hands full with the baby is impossible. The pop-up design allows you to set up the baby beach tent with one hand and in seconds. Take down is just as easy.

Anchor Points – Anyone who has spent time at the beach knows how strong a beach breeze can be. Look for baby tents that offer plenty of anchor points. Most baby beach tents on the market come with pegs that are driven down into the sand while others may have pockets on the outside that are to be filled with sand to weigh them down properly.

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

UV Protection – Depending on style and design some of the baby beach tents on the market just provide shade and do not take into consideration much needed UV protection. Make sure that any baby beach tents you consider have plenty of UV protection on the label to provide your baby with the ultimate skin protection.

Size – Baby beach tents come in a variety of sizes. You should look for a size that will work with your specific needs. The best size is one that will fit the baby and one adult. This allows you to change the baby, feed them or tend to the baby any way you need to without struggle or without having to just stick your arms and head into the tent.

Ventilation – It is not going to be good for the baby to be in a closed off baby tent that does not have good airflow. The beach can be hot in the summer and even if your baby is protected from the rays, ventilation will protect them from the heat by allowing plenty of the sea breezes to pass through the tent’s mesh panels without harming the baby.

4 Beach Beauty Tent Safety Tips

Safety is a top priority with any parent when it comes to their children. Any product you use for your baby should be one that you know how to safely use. Below we have provided you with 4 very important safety tips regarding baby beach tents.

1. Always anchor the tent – You don’t want the baby tent collapsing on your baby while they are having fun playing so be sure to anchor it properly each time you set it up. Even if it feels like there is not one bit of breeze in the air, anchor it because ocean breezes can show up randomly and the next thing you know the tent has fallen down on your little one. If the tent doesn’t come with pegs place some heavy items in the corners that are baby safe.

2. Practice setting up and taking down – A lot of baby beach tents on the market feature the pop-up design and while it sounds simple it can take a little practice to master opening and closing it quickly and safely. Collapsing it will probably be a little harder than setting it up. Don’t forget to clean the tent out before folding it up and putting it away. When you first open the tent, wipe it out and make sure all the parts are in good shape and in good working order. You could even set it up on your living room floor and allow the baby to play in it for a bit to ensure they won’t be afraid of being in there once you get to the beach.

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide

3. Always have it Ventilated – Regardless of how cool it is outside, ventilation is always an important factor to having a safe, comfortable environment for your baby. The tent can heat up inside much like a vehicle does without ventilation and can cause your baby to get overheated. Always keep the mesh panels up so air can flow through the tent unless it allows direct sunlight to reach your little one. If you are going to be at the beach, lake, or outdoors for a long time pay attention to where the sun is in relation to where you have set up the baby beach tent and change position as needed.

4. Never Leave Baby Unattended – The most reliable way for you to ensure your baby’s safety is to always make sure are they supervised by an adult or responsible teen. Even if your baby is napping they should NEVER be left alone. It is also not a good idea to leave a child as supervision either. 10 year olds may seem to watch the baby well, but they should not have that kind of responsibility on their shoulders and kids can get distracted and may not be aware of potential hazards the way parents are.


A little research goes a long way when it comes to getting a quality baby beach tent for your baby. We have done all the research for you and have presented the three top-rated baby beach tents on the market for you to take a look at.

All three of them meet the criteria mentioned above in the buying guide and are high quality baby tents that will provide protection, safety, and lots of enjoyment for your little one.

One of the best ways to get some additional information about the baby beach tents you are considering is to read comments and reviews from other parents that have used the baby beach tent you are looking at.

This information will tell you how easy the tent REALLY is to set up and take down, how sturdy it is, how much protection it provides and other important pieces of information that will confirm it is or is not a good choice.

Use the information we have provided in this buying guide you have just read to help you sort through all of the different styles and types of baby beach tents and determine which one will work the best for your needs.