Top 10 Best Bicycle/Bike Helmets in 2021 Review

Boys and bikes have probably an inseparable relation. So does the girls! And truly, going on a long bike ride, bike helmets must be needed for safety purpose. It will hep protect your head from serious danger in case you accidentally fall from the bike. So having a head protection and driving carefully is a better idea. Therefore, we would like to introduce you the top 10 best bike helmets that will work as safety insurance for you as following.

List of The Top 10 Best Bicycle Helmets in 2021

10. Zacro Lightweight Cycle/Bike Helmets

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Zacro Lightweight Helmet is a two-in-one helmet. You can use it in bike riding as well as cycling. Made of PVC & PC, EPS foam materials,Zacro Lightweight Helmet is a simple, affordable, and durable bike helmet. It has 54-62 cm adjustable straps, so it can fit well for all-age bikers. Though the helmet costs cheap, it looks classic and offers a full protection. The best of all, it is extremely lightweight and weighs only 225 g. incredible! Seriously, such a lightweight bike helmet is a must-grab.

9. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmets

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If you have a big head and other helmets don’t go well with you, try this one. It comes in a dimension of 15.1×10.1×4.8 inches and weighs 15.2 ounches, so it might fit perfect for you. With the utmost adjustability, Schwinn Thrasher will urge you to wear it every time you go out for the riding rather than forgetting it at home. To offer you more comfort and flexibility, it is designed with the 21 integrated ventilation holes. Even after this, if you sweat, there are moisture wicking pads that will help you feel relaxed.

8. Razor V-17 Youth multi-sport Helmet

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Have you figured out the multi-functionalities of Razor V-17 Youth helmet with its name? If not, read it again. It is a multi-sport helmet. Want a comfortable helmet for your kids for biking, ski-driving, cycling, or skating? Buy this one. It will provide you 100% head security and comfort in every case. And the best of all, you’re going to get such a multi-functional helmet at reasonably affordable prices. For a short note, this helmet is designed for kids of 8 to 14 years old.

7. Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Bike Helmets

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Schwinn is a big name in this industry, so buying a Schwinn helmet is always a profitable bet. No matter which model you buy, it will never let you down. Taking about Schwinn Women’s Helmet, it has ultra-adjustability and snugs up very well.  It is named a woman’s helmet but men can use it with the ease too. Having the adjustable side straps, 20 ventilation holes, heat-sealed pads, and removable visors, Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Helmet is a stylish and highly protective bike helmet.

6. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmets

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This one is for the ardent bike freaks.  If you want a unique and ultra-stylish looking bike helmet, spend some more bucks and get this one. It will give you the sheer thrill of bike riding with the utmost protection. Made of polycarbonate shells, it is a sturdy and high-performing bike helmet. Even if you mistakenly drop it on the floor, you’ll find it in safe & sound condition. There are 25 big vents in the helmet which will help you to beat the heat.

5. Giro Revel Cycling Helmet

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Another Giro helmet which is more or less same to the earlier one in every aspect! From price range to the stylish looks, and from functionalities to the comfort level, Giro Cycling Helmet gives a hard run to Giro Bike Helmet. Unlike the earlier bike helmet, it has 22 vents and is a bit smaller in size. With the advanced features like mold-in construction and visor with reinforced anchors, you can’t find such a lightweight bike helmet of merely 2.4 pounds.

4. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmets

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Again a two-in-one bike helmet at decent prices. According to its price tag, JBM Adult Cycling bike helmet looks more stylish and offers considerably more functionalities. If you don’t want to spend a chunk of money in buying helmets for each of your family member, JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet can be a savior for you. Due to its flexible adjustability, it easily fits to almost all head size from an adult to the big one, so get this one. Since it is made of PVC & PC and EPS foam, it also ensures the safety of your head even in a crash.

3. Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

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The name says it all. It is a premium bike helmet with the premium qualities and of course with a premium price. Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet is by far the costliest bike helmet on our list and is totally worth its price. Aside from the normal functionalities of a bike helmet, it also features ‘shock absorption technology’ which is particularly designed for the head safety in the severe accidents. So, get this ultra- protected helmet and say goodbye to the head injuries. It has long side straps which ensure a tight and comfortable hold.

2. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet

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A catchy name indeed! Get into the qualities and it will catch you even more. At such a reasonable price, it would probably be the only bike helmet that comes with some innovative inbuilt technologies. It has the detachable visor, in-mold constructed shells, wicking pads, chin protection, and an adjust dial switch with the help of that you can adjust the size of the helmet. It has 22 vents which is another impressive thing about this helmet.

1. Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet

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Want to ensure a safe bike riding for just a few bucks, get Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet. This is the cheapest bike helmet on our list. It is adult size helmet, so people with big heads might not feel comfortable wearing it but for the head size of 54-58 cm, it is the good fit. It has 16 vents that let the breeze pass in and make you feel comfortable. The tapeless technology, pinch guard, and built-in visor add more flexibility to the helmet.

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These are the top 10 best bike helmets. Get the one that goes along with your bike. And then, put all your worries aside and ride like a pro.

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