Top 7 Best Carpet For Stairs – Reviews In 2021

Climbing over long staircase can be tiresome but enjoyable if it’s fitted with a standard carpet. The carpet will make it comfortable for you when walking in fact, the usual noises will not be produced. The presence of the anti-slip rubber plus the tread provides a great traction such that you won’t slip easily. With the many carpets on the market, you may encounter difficulties selecting an ideal one for your staircase. That is why we I have come up with a review containing the best 7 carpet for stairs together with their features. You can use the information for decision making.

Top 7 Best Carpet for Stairs in 2021

#7 Ottomanson Softy Stair Treads Brown Striped Design Skid

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By: Ottomanson

Why is it worth buying?
  • It provides safe traction on any type of staircase.
  • The non-slip rubber makes it safer for use by pets too.

To begin this audit we have this quality cover. It is made of 100 % polypropylene in this way will keep going for a protracted time. Moreover, it has an elastic sponsorship to offer a protected hold while giving slide obstruction. The delicate shaggy heap that is produced using the machine is additionally simple to keep up. To limit fraying it has a bound on every one of the ages. Regardless of whether this cover is on hardwood or in tiles will give a protected footing to you. At last, the clamor levels are limited to this cover.

#6 casa pura Stair Treads | Non-Slip Indoor Stair Protectors

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By: casa pure

Why is it worth buying?
  • The carpets can also be used by pets.
  • The step treads will protect the stairs from wear.

Next on the list is this carpet that comes in a set of 15. To attach and remove it is easy in fact, it will leave no residue. The adhesive backing makes the carpet to have a strong grip thereby preventing any damage to the floor. Furthermore, the tight loop pile enhances the safety of the hardwood stairs. The step treads will also protect the carpets from wearing out easily. Of course, this carpet is suitable for all the hard floors. Finally, these carpets can be used by pets too.

#5 25′ Stair Runner Rugs – Marash Luxury Collection Stair Carpet Runners

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By: Marash Luxury Collection

Why is it worth buying?
  • The carpet fits easily on the most standard staircase.
  • The fibers are resistant to stain, mildew and sunlight.

Fit this standard carpet in on your staircase. With a size of 26 widths by 25 lengths, this carpet will fit easily on most of the staircase. It’s made of 100% olefin thus will last for a lengthy period. Moreover, it has a great feeling of luxury when you step on it. In terms of durability, you don’t have to worry as the stair runners will with no doubt last for decades. For maintenance, it’s easy as the carpet is stain resistant. It is also mildew and sunlight resistant.

#4 Tread Comfort Caprice Bullnose Carpet Stair Tread with Adhesive Padding

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By: Tread Comfort

Why is it worth buying?
  • The built-in padding makes the carpet very comfortable.
  • The bullnose design adds décor to your room.

Make your house look classic with this carpet.  The soft tread carpet will make your wooden staircase more comfortable. You can choose the one that fits the décor of your room as it is available in 5 different colors. On sale, they are sold individually for you to pick the correct quantity that you require. Moreover, this carpet can be used by all the ages.  It adds décor to your room with the bullnose design fitting close to the edge of the star. For easy installation, it has an adhesive backing.  Besides this, it has a built in padding to make it more comfortable.

#3 Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread Treads

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By: RugStylesOnline

Why is it worth buying?
  • It is made from 100% UV olefin.
  • Its corrugated construction will make walking on it comfortable.

This carpet is enough size for your staircase. Its package comes with a set of 13 carpets. Moreover, the 100% UV olefin plus the skid-resistant rubber backing used makes the staircase sturdy. Other than that it has corrugated construction to make traction easy. When you use the double sided carpets the staircase tread will be secure. Just like, others this one is both mildew and stain resistant.  For indoor use, there is doubt this waterproof carpet will make a great fit.

#2 Comfy Collection Stair Tread Treads

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By: RugStylesOnline

Why is it worth buying?
  • It is resistant to stains, mildew and does not fade.
  • Easy to maintain as it can be machine washed.

This flawless style cover can cover your staircase in the best and most intelligent way. These rugs offer you the counter slip offices as well as give you the elastic sponsorship highlights to keep the mats in the best possible spots. These rugs in calm and tasteful get down can assist you with getting the best inside look. These are additionally simple to clean and keep kept up. You can keep these floor coverings on the stairs that are made of stones, hardwoods or marbles. These twofold sided rugs are a strain and buildup safe.

#1 Ottomanson Softy Stair Tread Mats, Skid resistant, Rubber Backing, Non-Slip Carpet

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By: Ottomanson

Why is it worth buying?
  • The soft shaggy pile is stain resistant thereby making the maintenance easy.
  • The non-slip rubber backing gives a comfortable grip.

To wrap up this review we have this quality carpet. It is made of 100 % polypropylene thus will last for a lengthy time. Additionally, it has a rubber backing to offer a safe grip while giving skid resistance. The soft shaggy pile that is made from the machine is also easy to maintain. To minimize fraying it has a bound on all the ages. Whether this carpet is on hardwood or in tiles will provide a safe traction for you. Finally, the noise levels are minimized with this carpet.

What To Consider When Buying Carpet For Stairs?

  • Thickness: The carpets can either be thin or thick. For lengthy stairs thick carpets are ideal. If the height difference is low then use the thin ones, generally, the type of staircase will determine the thickness that it needs.
  • Grip: You have to look for a carpet that has a comfortable grip. Getting a carpet with a rubber grip will ensure there is no sliding. The rubber should be waterproof too for it to be easy when washing.
  • Durability: You have to look for the carpet that is made of the best material. The carpet will experience heavy traffic and if it’s substandard then it will begin to wear out easily.
  • Design:  The two common designs are the joined or the separated. Joined carpets look the best for any staircase as their cover their entire space. If you are covering the central part then you need to have a separated carpet.


You should always make your staircase comfortable for use.  The carpets here will not only protect your floor but also give you a comfortable walking platform. All the carpets here are of great quality. You can save time and choose any that have been listed in this review.

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