Best Free Standing Punching Bags Reviews

There are many reasons for you to get a free-standing punching bag no matter if it is for training or stress relief. The design makes it suitable for daily punches and kicks with the best convenience. So, to accommodate your demand, we have compared among many punching bags, and we have finally come up with this article. In this article, we will provide you with the top 8 best free standing punching bags.

Buying Guides Of Best Free Standing Punching Bag

If you would like to spend your time worth in the training, it is essential for you to get a good free standing punching bag. This means that the bag consists of the following features.

Adjustable height: the adjustable height range usually falls between 45 and 60 inches. This makes it suitable for children, teens, and adults. With the adjustable height, all the family members can participate in the training with convenience and confidence.

Sturdy base: another desirable feature is the sturdy base design. The base should be able to be filled with either sand or water to ensure stability. This minimizes the chance of tipping, which can cause an unexpected accident or injury.

Construction: it should feature high-quality construction with durable and heavy-duty materials. This is to withstand even the toughest use in the training with punches and kicks. Regularly, it features the use of PVC or vinyl in the shell design.

Freestanding design: this is also an essential component because users do not have to find a place to hang it up. They can simply pull out the punching bag and get ready to fight.

8. CRRD PVC Free Standing Punching Bag

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First of all, we have this free standing punching bag from CRRD. The bag is built from high quality and durable PVC Duratec materials, which meet the requirement of training standards. thanks to the vinyl construction in the external part, the bag is resistant to all kicks and punches. It always comes back to get more training punches.

Users can use either sand or water in order to fill the interior of the bag. The sand is recommended to serve better demands for children. It does not require you to hang it up, and therefore, users can enjoy more flexibility in the options of the training place. In addition, the punching bag is resistant to scratches, and there is a money-back warranty to support this purchase.

7. Ringside Premium Free Standing Punching Bag

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Moving onto the next free standing punching bag from Ringside, it is made from premium quality vinyl shells which ensure both durability and stability. The base can be filled with 140lbs of either sand or water. This is to maximize stability while doing the training.

In addition, this punching bag comes with a huge striking surface, which means users can punch anywhere with confidence. This punching bag is highly recommended for both home and commercial use in the gym. It is compatible with a wide range of applications, including fitness, training, and boxing.

After the full assembly, this punching bag reaches the maximum height of 68 inches. Yet, the size is compact and portable if compared to other punching bags that you are familiar with.

6. KKLU Multi-layer Free Standing Punching Bag

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Now, let’s give our attention to this freestanding punching bag from KKL. It is also made from a multi-layer shell, consisting of PVC Duratec material in the construction. This punching bag is ensured to have the best training standard for both beginners and professionals. Thanks to the high-quality vinyl construction, it can withstand even the toughest use with daily punches and kicks.

The bag is always there to let you punch it with confidence. This is because the interior part is already filled with water or sand to make it sturdy and stable for the fight. Moreover, this punching bag does not come with a hanging design, which means you do not have to find a place to hang it up. This makes it suitable for both home and gym use.

When you are in need of the bag, you can just drag it out from the storage room and get ready to punch.

5. Protocol Free Standing Punching Bag with Wide Base

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If you want to get a premium free standing punching bag for both kids and adults, you should consider this one from Protocol. The set includes all the equipment for punching training, which includes a punching ball, inflation pump, a wide base as well as a pair of boxing gloves. The base can be filled with both water and sand in order to withstand the tough punching routines.

Also, this freestanding punching bag is fully adjustable in terms of height. The height adjustment range falls between 48 and 58 inches. The pair of boxing gloves in this set is made with padding quality, and they are also equipped with re-closeable straps to secure the fit.

With the most affordable price, it features the high quality to serve the customers in the long run. It is guaranteed to never be a waste of money once you decide to invest your time and money with it.


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What about this free standing punching bag from GEMGO? It features a durable quality design as it is made from PVC material. The base is designed to be wider and thicker to have more stable support. There is also a special pocket on the bag so that you can put on any pictures that you are in love with.

The punching bag requires you to inflate with air in the upper part, while the base is recommended to be filled with either water or sand. It is compatible with a variety of sports activities, including Taekwondo, dropkick, and karate. In addition, there is a soft feature on this punching bag, which absorbs all the impacts and shocks in order to protect you from all kinds of pain.

The bag is designed ideally for both kids and adults in daily fitness training.

3. Mapow

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This free-standing punching bag from Mapow is also worth taking into consideration. It is designed to be safe and durable, and it is built from fine vinyl. The vinyl material is so strong and durable that it can survive through all the intense punches. The design of this punching bag is playful, making it ideal for both adults and children. As soon as your child is more than 3 years old, you can encourage them to start their training with this punching bag.

This punching bag is suitable for various training standards, including enhancing combat skills and agility. It is also a great method of stress relief when you cannot find a way to release all the pressure. It features a lifetime warranty so that you can rely on it for many years ahead.

2. Locsee

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For this Locsee free standing punching bag, it comes in a height of 63 inches, which is suitable for kids and adults to play with. It is also compatible with both indoors and outdoors since it is built from premium quality PVC material. The material features a leak-proof function to ensure both safety and flexibility.

The bag is inflatable, and it is a great choice recommended for various purposes, including martial art training, such as Muay Thai and Karate. This punching bag is suitable for any place, including home, office as well as other outdoor usages. It allows you to start the training anywhere and anytime to get your body strong enough for daily work.

1. Tech Tools

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Last but not least, we should not miss this free standing punching bag from Tech Tools. It is the most complete set ever for both teens and adults. The punching ball is inflatable, and it also comes with a leak-proof function. The safety is prioritized so that both of the upper and lower parts are made with extra durability.

The height is adjustable between 48 and 58 inches. This is suitable for the age of 13 or higher. Moreover, both men and women can work with the punching bag with convenience. Thanks to the attention to detail in the construction, it can last much longer than your expectation.

The base can be filled with 15lbs of either sand or water. The main reason for this filing is to maximize the stability of this freestanding punching bag while in use. Also, it is compatible with a wide range of surface areas, including concrete and grass.


To conclude, we have discussed the key features of the top 8 best free standing punching bags. Such a free-standing punching bag is so desirable in daily training as it is compatible with a wide range of applications. Get one now to get yourself ready for the training tomorrow.

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