Raining season is happening. It is when the thunderstorm and lightning can easily occur and cause unfortunate events. Today, with modern and advanced technology, lightning strike detectors were produced to prevent such unfortunate instances. The lightning detectors measure the strength and detect the electromagnetic pulse produced by the thunderstorm, giving you warnings to ensure safety in your area. The detectors can be used at home, office, etc. During the season, having one is always worth it. This article will present to you the top 10 best lightning strike detectors in 2021.


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10. Thunderbolt Detector

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Thunderbolt detector comes with an accessory package. This lightning detector accessory package is super easy to use, for it features an advanced tech for a fast and accurate detection. The effective area of protection is 25 miles in range. While the temperature for using this lightning strike detector is between -40C and 85C. With Thunderbolt, it is capable to communicate in both Km and Miles, and available to operate in two languages such as English and Spanish. And indeed, it is a waterproof product.

The detector also features color LCD indicators and gives full protection from both cloud-to-ground as well as intra-cloud. It displays data in both mile and kilometer. This one can be operated with just 2 AA batteries, and it works best to give you alerts about potential storms as well as the storm’s arrival time to ensure the safety of all people in the protected area. The detector is also small with a dimension of 8 x 4 x 8 inches. And as of construction, this lighting strike detector is crafted from ABS plastic. Best yet, it is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

9. Strike Alert Detector

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One of the best lightning detectors on our list is Strike Alert detector. It provides accuracy and detects the lightning with a highly effective performance. Better than most lighting strike detectors, this lightning strike detector is capable of tracking the movement of the lightning in all directions. Strike Alert detector also features with a storm trend analysis, allowing you to look at 1-hour storm trend. And, it works 360 degrees.

It also gives audible alerts as well as vibrations of striking lightning, and LED indicators of lighting within areas of the smallest of within 6 miles and the biggest of 40 miles. With strike alert, it is capable to be operated with a maximum of 80 hours, by just using 2 AA batteries. Stay safe, consider a lighting strike detector.

8. SKYSCAN Detector

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If you are looking for a rechargeable battery detector, SKYSCAN is for you. Its power source is 12V.  This lightning detector has high performance, protecting your area fully safe. The detector can detect the effective areas of 0 mile to 40 miles. Like most high-performing lightning strike detectors, this one tracks 360 degrees in all directions.

It also features audible alerts along with visual warnings and vibrations. SKYSCAN dimension is 9 inches height x 10 inches width x 5 inches depth. The detector weighs approximately 8lbs. AC adaptor will be also included in the package. Powered by 2 AA batteries, the detector can work 80 hours straight without a problem.

7. General Tools Detector

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General Tools detector is one of the best detectors reading the direction of the lightning and delivers accurate information. The detector can read the information of lightning and storms to the maximum of 40 miles. This one is a pocket size, easy to tag along anywhere. It can be hung with your belt or the loop.


General Tools also feature many alarm modes, for giving an effective warning, such as audible, vibrated, and visual LED alerts at different distance intervals. With this one, the information of danger is in your hand, allowing you to take action and keep yourself safe. Customers also love the company’s responsive customer service as well.

6. AcuRite Lightning Strike Detectors

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An advanced detector with high delivery of performance is AcuRite lightning detector. This one has features that are capable of measuring weather state, indoor condition, and display everyday record dashboard. AcuRite also works best to detect lightning strikes and read its distance to the maximum of 25 miles.

With this strike detector, you can also review its high and low tracks of the 1-year record. AcuRite also has the ability to read not just lightning and thunder but also temperature, humidity level, wind speed and direction, and rain, as well as giving customizable alerts. And, in addition to being a high performing 5-in-1 item, the precision provided by this detector is top-notch. Mounting the detector is a snap. After all, you can always have faith in AcuRite.

5. Strike Alert Detector

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A powerful lightning strike detector you can ever find is Strike Alert Detector. This one can operate to a maximum of 100 hours with just one single AA battery. Strike Alert is also built with a belt-clip attachment, which is easy to tag along. The detector also features audible and LED indicators, and is capable of reading the strike warning to the maximum of 40 miles. Be noted that the LCD display provides a wide array of information as well.

4. Robic Lightning Strike Detectors

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This one is a small, palm-sized detector that delivers a high performance of measuring the lightning strike up to 40 miles. With a clever and intuitive tech, this one displays lightning strike directions, allowing you to know whether it is coming or moving away.

Robic Detector is also powerful, can be operated to a maximum of 100 hours with 2 AAA batteries. With this one, you can either hang it to your golf bag as well as your belt or anywhere you want to hang it. As of warranty, this lightning detector is backed by a 1-year warranty. Small yet powerful is Robic.

3. Ambient Weather Lightning Strike Detectors

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More than just a lightning detector, Ambient Weather detector also has the ability to monitor heat stress, providing safety to field workers. Ambient Weather works as a personal lightning detector, displaying the lightning strike between 0 to 40 miles. Other features include time clock, audible as well as visual alarm, lanyard, heat index calculation, etc. With this one, you can also review graphical display of 1-hour trend and intensity of the storm.

The detector has a powerful ability to track from all directions without any blind spots. Powered by 2 AA batteries, the detector can work for 80 hours without a problem. Featuring audible alerts prior to the critical level of heating, this one will be your companion that always gives the warning and thus keep you safe.

2. Xtreme Research Lightning Strike Detectors

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Xtreme Research Detector has plenty to write about. This lightning strike detector detects the lightning and thunderstorm activity that takes place up to 40 miles from your location. This one is operated with two 9V batteries. It is capable to operate to the maximum of 40 or 70 hours. Xtreme Research also features an automatically turning off after a continuous operation for 5 hours. This one is also equipped with an audible alarm to give you alerts that the dangers are approaching. As of craftsmanship, this lightning strike detector is made of sturdy ABS plastic.

When it comes to a serious thunderstorm, the alarm will give noise differently by producing cthe ontinuous audible tone for 15 seconds. With Xtreme Research, you always get an accurate information. The product dimension is 11.9 x 7.8 x 2.1 inches, and it weighs around 10.4 ounces. If you are an outdoorsy person, this guy is a must-have.

1. AcuRite Lightning Strike Detectors

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Never failed to deliver a high performance and an accurate information as well as detect the lightning bolts in an area of 25 miles, all these features you can ever find in AcuRite Detector. This one is also built with the capacity to measure the distances of storm and lightning. It has a warning light, audible tone, and also giving text warning when the lightning direction is coming.

The detector also consists of strike counter displays, allowing you to view the total amount of lightning strikes, which was detected. Additional to its powerful performance, this one is also affordable and portable, which is easy to bring along anywhere. Look no further. You will never regret to own any of AcuRite detectors.

Conclusion – Lightning Strike Detectors

The article has just given you a review of the top 10 best lightning strike detectors in 2021. The Lightning strike detector gives you the lightning directions and detects the lightning strike, ensuring your safety. All the detector features with audible warnings. Some of the lightning detectors also feature the capability to measure the weather and wind condition.

They also allow the users to view the past records of the lightning bolt, from either one month up to the maximum of 1 year. All of the detectors mentioned above also delivers the result to its best performance. Have you found the one you’ve been searching for yet? Owning one during the rainy season is certainly worth it. Get one to ensure your and your beloved ones’ safety.


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