If you love watching, a projector is no doubt a must-buy. However, the high prices associated with these units may be the primary obstacle to getting the projector of your dream. But that should not be the case after reading these reviews. Here, we have researched and reviewed the best projectors that are highly affordable. And this means you will not have to dig deep into your pocket to land the best projector ever. They have powerful features that enable them to produce crystal clear images. They are also versatile, and, therefore, can be used for watching blockbuster movies, the 2021 World Cup, and local TV shows. Go through the following top 10 best projector under 100 in 2021 reviews to choose a suitable one.


# Preview Product
1 VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170” Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with…
2 DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, 1080P…
3 Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector for Cartoon, Kids Gift, Outdoor Movie Projector, LED Pico…
4 2021 Latest Projector, Mini Video Projector with 5500 Brightness, 1080P Supported, Portable Outdoor…
5 Mini Projector, ELEPHAS Portable Projector for iPhone, Video Smart Led Pocket Pico Small Home Phone…
6 Mini Projector 2021 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector,55000 Hours Multimedia Home Theater Movie…
7 Mini Projector for iPhone, ELEPHAS 2021 WiFi Movie Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen,…
8 GRC Mini Projector, 1080P HD Supported Portable Movie Projector with 45000 Hrs LED Lamp Life,…
9 ManyBox Mini Projector, Portable Video Projector with 45000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Full HD 1080P…
10 TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen, 1080P Full HD Supported Video Projector, Mini Movie…
11 XIAOYA Outdoor Projector, HD Movie Projector Support 1080P, 4000 Lumens Home Theater Projector with…
12 MEGAWISE Mini Projector, 5000Lux Movie Projector, 1080P and 200″ Screen Supported L21 Video…
13 2021 Newest, Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector Full HD 1080P Supported, Home Theater Outdoor Movie…
14 Video Projector, TOPVISION 5500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen, 1080P…
15 VicTsing WiFi Projector, 5000LUX LED Wireless Mini Projector, Native 1280x720P Portable Home Theater…

1.Crenova LED Video Home Projector (XPE460)

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We love the fact that this home projector is 20-percent brighter than a standard home projector. It is upgraded, and, therefore, promises to make the entertainment at home better than ever before. You will find it handy for watching Champions league football or exciting films. Although the projector is not made for business, PPT, or teaching presentation, it works great, especially for home entertainment. The projector also comes with 1,700 full-color technology plus it features 800*480 resolution to produce large and brilliant images in the dark.


2.Blusmart Mini Projector for Home Cinema

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If you like the brightness of the previous projector, you will love the brightness of the Blusmart Mini Projector for Home Cinema. This machine is 70-percent brighter than a standard home projector. Its lumens are also 1.2X higher to give incredibly sharp and clear images in the dark. For this reason, you will find this projector perfect for home entertainment. With it, you will be able to watch your favorite films and even sports. Another great feature that makes this projector worth buying is it’s 1000:1 contrast ratio, which works with 16.7K full color to produce brilliant images.


3.DBPOWER T20 Mini Movie Projector

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Brightness matters a lot in a projector. That’s why we have included the DBPOWER T20 Mini Movie Projector in these reviews. With a brightness of up to 50-percent more than an ordinary home projector, this unit promises to give you the best cinema experience ever. Additionally, it does not make a lot of noise during use. This is because it comes equipped with a cooling system that disperses heat efficiently. Since it is designed to give you a top-notch viewing experience, this home projector offers 3-inch to 176-inch display size.

4.Tenker RD805 Mini Projector

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If you were to choose a projector based on durability, we would advise you to go for the Tenker RD805 Mini Projector. This projector has a lamp that lasts for 50000 hours. Plus it comes with a 3-year warranty to show the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability and quality. Besides, this projector can be connected to Amazon Fire Stick, Laptops, PS3, Smartphone, Android, Xbox, iPad, and iPhone, among others. You will, therefore, not have any inconveniences when it comes to connecting it to devices. It has an aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 and a throw screen of 50” – 150”.

5.iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Mini Projector

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Your gaming experience needs to be upgraded. That’s why we are introducing you to the IDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Mini Projector. Equipped with 2000 lumens, this projector is 70-percent brighter than standard projectors you see around. It has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a native resolution of 800×480. This means that you should expect brilliant images for a better watching experience. Another feature that we love in this projector is its ability to work with as many devices as possible. It works with iPhones, tablets, game consoles, and Android smartphones.


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You earn your money the hard way; hence, we believe that you should spend it on quality products such as the DBPOWER RD-810 Mini LED Video Projector only. Made by a reputable manufacturer, this video projector has all the features that make a projector the best. It has a native resolution of 800 x 480 as well as a throw distance of 4.9 ~ 13.12 feet. Well, these features allow the projector to give an amazing viewing experience. As if that’s not enough, the video projector is portable, and this makes it super versatile.

7.Ragu Z400 Projector (2021 Upgraded)

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World Cup is soon coming, and the best way to watch it is to have the Ragu Z400 Projector (2021 Upgraded). At least that’s what we believe because this projector offers a resolution of 800 x 480P. It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1 to give you rich detail in a variety of scenes. Best of all, Ragu has not only entirely focused on the projector’s ability to give clear images but also they have made sure that it is ultra-quiet when working. Well, they have achieved that by equipping the projector with a powerful cooling system.

8.Deeplee Yellow DP300 Mini PROJECTOR UNDER 100

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The Deeplee Yellow DP300 Mini Projector is here because it is the most affordable projector in these reviews. Despite its affordability, this mini projector has high-performing features, which work together for outstanding results. It uses an LED light source that is rated at 10W – 24W and boasts a lifespan of 30000 hours. The LED light source will not harm your eyesight, making sure that you are able to watch for a long time. Furthermore, this projector has 600 lumens, 320 x 240p native resolutions, and 16700K richer colors to give you clear images on a consistent basis.


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The small size and the lightweight design of this mini projector are what make it a product to consider. It is always ready to be carried anywhere and used at any time. This mini projector also boasts a projection distance of 4.95 ~ 13.12 ft, with the best distance being 7.2 feet. Moreover, it has optimum compatibility, and, so, will allow you to connect it to Amazon Fire TV Stick, Laptop, Roku Streaming Stick, and Chromecast, among others. You will find it handy for improving entertainment at your place.

10.Yaufey Home PROJECTOR UNDER 100

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Yaufey brands never disappoint; hence, the same should be expected when it comes to this home projector. This powerful machine has a dynamic contrast ratio of 2200:1, which enables it to produce rich detail regardless of the scene. It is made by a manufacturer that focuses more on helping the projector produce crystal clear images. For this reason, expect a versatile projector that will let you enjoy football matches, movies, and even TV shows. The projector is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for hassle-free buying.



You do not need to spend a lot to get the best performing projectors. Today, the market has amazingly affordable projectors that are high performing. And we are fortunate enough to find the best projectors that are within your budget. So, go ahead and choose one of the products listed here.

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