Best Wheelchair Cushions Review In 2021

Regardless of the wheelchair’s age, the padding covering it up wears off eventually and begins to cause pain and aches as you sit for an extended time span. However, a wheelchair cushion is there to provide relief and additional comfort when you are sitting on your chair.

Wheelchair cushions provide relief to specific areas of your body where pain and pressure are more likely to occur. For tailbones and pressure point sores the cushion can be the difference between a comfortable ratio to the store or a painful call.

With concerns to your comfort this article has narrowed down the vital essentials you may need so when you sit down on the cushion, you can feel relieved to your lower back and tailbone pain as the cushion gel technology provides the support and relieves pain.

The thick density of the cushion can be too firm for few but works well for your lower back and even your hamstrings and glutes. The cool feature about the cushion is it’s not only for the use for people in wheelchairs but for also those who are in their offices or somewhere.

Although it may not be the best option for an occasional usage hence the cushion could relieve a lot of the pain associated with spending day sitting.

The seat fixed in most wheelchairs is made of thin fabric which doesn’t provide much support. Some only use a wheelchair sparingly hence this may not be a problem but some people spend their working hours in one place and it should be as comfortable as possible.

It’s vital that the cushion properly aligns the skeleton since this prevents any imbalance of pressure on the body and allows a normal movement. If the consumer has some skeletal deformity the factor has to be taken into consideration as well.

1- DMI Seat Cushion

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Specifically, it’s designed to fit almost all the wheelchairs yet can be used whenever you want some padding extras on the chair. The foam is of high density, it won’t flatten easily and will stay strong for long-life usage.

A great component for using in a car or when you need a seat cushion for special events. The super lightweight can easily transport it while travelling.

The removable cover is machine washable, wash it alone first to avoid colour bleeding.


  • Supportive Cushion
  • Easy fit

2- TrenCode Cushion

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Made from 100% polyester hence this soft and downy polyester fiberfill cushion to surround your body, including your arms and legs with soothing comfort.

The surface of the cushion is made from dull velvet and is very soft and warm. The cushion is stuffed with 100% polyester cotton and is full and heavy to sit comfortably.

The cushion fits most chairs especially ideal for the wheelchairs and comes with several straps to the chair. Whether it’s on the chair, on the sofa, on the carpet, or on the bed, the cushions will keep you relaxed.


  • 100% polyester
  • Fibre-filled

3- Essential Medical Supply Rehab

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This provides a firm seating and provides pressure relief and relaxes your muscle tissues and the thighs with the back, hips, even upto the spine where the shoulders are also calmed with the collars.

Can be used in wheelchairs, transport chairs, home chairs, office chairs also with the hospital wheelchairs and the home usage. The cover comes with machine washable cover 3 sizes to choose from for the spectrum. The cushion can be brought with you wherever you go.

Made with built-in carry handles designed for easy transportation between your home, office, car, aeroplane, wheelchair, at a show or ball game. Just grab your Seat Cushion for wherever you may need it, and enjoy its life-altering effects.


  • Firm seating

4- Duro-Med Wheelchair

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The Foam is of 4-inch seat riser cushion makes it easier to rise from wheelchairs, car seats, office chairs, or chairs around the house.

Especially helpful for low or soft chairs includes removable hardboard insert from additional firmness and removable covers with strap handles for easy carrying.

The hardboard insert eliminates the bowing or hammock effect in wheelchairs perfect car seat cushions who need more height for seeing over the dash or getting out of the car easier.

Fits easily at 16 by 16 by 4 inches and weighs only 3.1 pounds Aids in reducing the back pain and make getting up easier and more comfortable for you at home, in the car, the office, at the doctor’s office, or travelling.

Your seat riser cushion will provide the lift you are looking for.


  • Firm Grip

5- Vive Wheelchair

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This provides cushioning support to effectively relieve painful pressure points on the elbows, forearms and wrists.

Easy to install, the armrest covers secure to most standard wheelchair, transport chair, scooter or desk chair arms with a strong fastener system with a non-slip inner lining for greater stability.

Providing exceptional comfort, the Vive sheepskin armrest pads relieve painful pressure on the elbows and arms. The hypoallergenic, synthetic sheepskin arm covers protecting against soreness, skin irritation, and nerve pain.


  • Cushioning Support

6- SHINNWA Seat Cushion

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extra-large seat cushion is constructed of our 2 layer foam system 1 inch Memory Foam and 2 inches Airflow High-density Base Support Foam. The design that is unique in its ways hence combines the two key elements you are looking for comfort and durability.

It is firm enough to give you good support but not to the point of being “too hard” to undermine its use as a cushion. All the covers are made by hand sewing.

High-density stitching stitches make the cushion easily standing up to tough everyday use.


  • Extra-large
  • Memory Foam

7- Secure SCPC-1

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The cushion is sketched to permeate the concave hiatus spontaneously created when a resident or patient is seated in a soft vinyl sling-style wheelchair seat.

The bottom that is convex fills the gap providing a flat seating surface to stabilize seating and assist with proper posture and relief of sacral pressure. The concept keeps the hips and knees aligned to prevent hip dislocation post-hip fracture.

PSC is dedicated to occurring the Patient-Centered, Solutions-Based Cost-Effective partner for all of the fall management needs.


  • Convex Wedge
  • Cost-Effective

8- Duro-Med DMI Comfort

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polyester soft and comforting wheelchair cushion is ideal for not only your wheelchair but also recliners and other chairs that need an added layer of softness wheelchair cushion stays in place with the sixties that secure the cushion in place.

Seat size is 16 by 16 inches, Back size: 16 by 22 inches, Arms: 16 by 14 inches, Weighs 3.6 pounds machine washable, hypoallergenic wheelchair cushion seat cushion, overstuffed with polyester fiberfill for maximum comfort.

Highly absorbent material for incontinent patients.


  • Machine washable
  • 100% polyester

9- Proactive Medical Protekt Breathable

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The cushion is a pressure-reducing cushion designed to assist in the prevention and healing of pressure-sore ulcers. Made with traditional cushioning material.

This lets you sit hours longer in comfort. At the core of the high-quality cushion is sealed by the gel in a leak-proof bladder. Features. Protekt Gel Cushion Helps in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. Gel bladder to eliminate migration.

High-density polyurethane foam. The cover that’s stretchable and is breathable and comfortable including two security ties for added safety.


  • Pressure reducing design
  • High-quality gel

10- FOMI Premium

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The cushion is embedded with soft elastic gelatin composed by high-level column-buckling technology that scatters the body weight evenly, eliminating pressure on the uncomfortable pressure points.

The aforementioned cooling structure also increases the air circulation that keeps the bottoms cool.

Aside from making sitting for prolonged periods a comfortable endeavour, it can help prevent, alleviate, and treat a variety of pain conditions from coccyx issues, lumbar strain and sciatica, to degenerative disc disorders.

Additionally, when for long sitting periods are required it will continue to provide the same support throughout. The non-slip friction bead grip bottom surface ensures that it stays in place anyways as its zippered cover can be easily removed to wash.


  • Gel-based
  • Medical Grade

Best Wheelchair Cushions – Buyer’s Guide


When you go with a wheelchair you don’t need to worry about the battery life however for mid-range always confirm the battery life of the wheelchair and its charging time in a few hours.

Some wheelchairs which take 5 to 6 hours to charge fully don’t make any sense to go with that wheelchair this shows it has less battery life and the charging time is too high.

A wheelchair which has at least 250-watt motor will be able to provide one with excellent and comfortable cruise. Hence the wheelchair which is easy to attach with a cord on the joystick to easily remove and replace on either side.


When it comes to mobility equipment either comfort is the most vital because the sitter will be going to spend their whole day on it anyways. It is known there are millions of wheelchair brands are available out there offering a different type of wheelchair.

At the time of purchase, one should go with one which has more adjustment options because one can adjust this type of wheelchair according to the comfort.

The electric wheelchair, however, one doesn’t need to worry about comfort too much as this type of wheelchairs are expensive and provide one with a comfortable ride. One can also use a seat cushion and back cushion in order to incline the comfort level.

Height Extension

Adjustment is another name of comfort when the wheelchair is fully adjustable. One can easily adjust it according to their satisfaction. Height, however, is an essential thing to incline the comfort.

The adjustment feature will aid in adjusting the wheelchair according to the comfort required. It’s important to keep in mind that one should buy with one which has which is entirely adjustable.

The speed of the wheelchair doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t make any sense to go with the wheelchair anyways some time the wheelchair becomes too slow also because of its underpower motor. Less

Turning Radius

When the wheelchair is bought, it’s vital to check the turning radius of the wheelchair as if you are purchasing the wheelchair then you can use it indoors.

Many wheelchairs, especially the cheap ones will not experience comfortable at all with it because they are not made for tight space. The mobility wheelchair which has the smallest reasonable turning radius is a good option.

The turning radius is basically the turning range of the space wheelchair takes to turn. The lower the turning radius the more the comfort.


Experience the comfort of a unique bed when you wheelchair the reclining features, with which one can recline the seat and relax, majority of the electric wheelchairs come with the reclining features except when you come to the manual wheelchair you will not find this feature.

Like a car, the leg space also matters in the wheelchairs as some of the electric wheelchairs are equipped with the power-adjustable footrest with ample large area.

If you are purchasing the electric wheelchair the one which has an adjustable and automatic footrest is the best one.


In this article, we discussed important details about the designated product. We tried to provide you with reviews of products based upon customer ratings and replies upon the products.

We try our best to ensure that you get helped easily. This article has been written to ease you while buying products online, providing you with the proper links, images, and prices.

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