Top 10 Best Wooden Bowl Sets for Salad Lovers in 2021 Review

Wooden bowl sets for salad serving? “A well-made salad must have a certain uniformity; it should make perfect sense for those ingredients to share a bowl,” — Yotam Assaf Ottolenghi, an Israeli-British chef, recipe writer and restaurant owner, and the author of four cookbooks.

Thus, if you are a salad lover and looking for wooden bowl sets that can help unite your salad ingredients, I have good news for you. Check out the 10 most popular Wooden Bowl Sets for 2021 below.

List of The Best Wooden Bowl Sets for Salad Lovers in 2021

# Preview Product
1 AIDEA Wooden Bowls, Salad Bowl 7 Inch Set of 4
2 Boheter Natural Coconut Bowl Set of 2 Coconut Salad Bowls with Wooden Spoons & Forks, Organic Vegan…
3 Acacia Wood Hand-Carved Set of 4 Calabash Bowls 4″
4 AIDEA Wooden Salad Bowl, 12.5Inch Acacia Wood with Salad Spoon and Fork Gift for Thanksgiving Day
5 Lipper International Acacia Wave Bowl Set with Servers
6 BestySuperStore mini Acacia Wood Bowl in small size for Condiments, Dip Sauce, Nuts, Candy, Fruits,…
7 BestySuperStore Acacia Wood Bowl in small size for Condiments, Dip Sauce, Ketchup, Jam, Prep, Olive…
8 Coconut Bowls And Wooden Spoon Sets: 4 Vegan Organic Salad Smoothie or Buddha Bowl Kitchen Utensils…
9 EMRSTORES Organic Coconut Bowls and Wooden Spoons Set – Set of 2 Wooden Bowls Polished With Coco Oil…
10 Winco WWB-6 Wooden Woven Salad Bowl, 6-Inch, Set of 4
11 Lipper International Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowls for Fruits or Salads, Matte, Small, 7.5″…
12 Small Wooden Bowl Set | Pinch Bowl | Condiment Cups -by | BAG OF 50
13 Handcrafted Wooden Serving Bowls for Fruits, Salads, Snack Bowls, wooden bowls for rice, soup, dip,…
14 Gibson Home Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set, Laroda
15 Cospring Handmade Wood Bowl, Mug, for Rice, Soup, Dip, Coffee, Tea, Decoration (4PCS Jujube Bowls,…

Product Reviews

10. Small Bamboo Bowl Sets by Lipper International

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The Small Wooden Bowl sets produced by Lipper International, contains four Small Bamboo Bowls and becomes the best choice on Amazon recently. The wooden bowl set is made of bamboo wood, a naturally replenishing grass and one of the most renewable resources in the world. The proportions of the bowl are 7-inch width and 2 ¼ inch height, a perfect size for side dish salad. The bowl set gets the highest review and rate on Amazon for its beautiful made and quality. However, the extreme temperature, humidity and dryness might affect the wood. So, if you choose this wooden bowl set, please keep it away from heat and sunlight. Only clean it with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. You can occasionally scrub the bowl with mineral oil to maintain its good appearance.

9. Acacia Wood Round Bowl Set, Wooden Salad Bowls by PMT

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The Acacia Wooden Bowl set consists of 4 bowls which are made of the original echo-friendly acacia hardwood, garnered from the privately owned lands. Each bowl has a size of 6 by 3 inch which is well suitable for a single salad serving. These wooden salad bowl sets are highly rated and admired for its fantastic well-made, light weight, and loveliness. More importantly, the hard wood does not stain and pick up odors. Just a hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry after use is enough for the day.

8. Cherry Collection Salad Bowl Sets by Lipper International

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This fancy Cheery Collection Wooden Bowl set consists of one large bowl and four small bowls, which make it perfect for a family dinner or a small group gathering. The big bowl’s size is 12 by 4inch, whereas the small bowl is 7 by 2 ½ inch. The rich dark Cherry finish color makes the bowls look fancy for serving salad. This wooden bowl set is approved by FDA for safety but for hand wash only. This Cherry Collection Salad Bowl set is also highly rated on Amazon and recommended as a unique wedding gift for a loving couple.

7. Wooden Woven Salad Bowl Set by Winco, Wooden Bowl Sets

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The Wooden Woven Salad Bowl set consists of four bowls with good quality. The bowl is one of the products by Winco company whose products are claimed to be reliable and trusted by all food service and hospitality experts around the world. The bowls are suitable for serving salad, pasta, bread, snack or fruit display. The product is popular because of its low price but good quality. For now, there is only one set left in stock. Hurry up if you want to buy this Wooden Woven Bowl set.

6. Wooded Bowl Set for Salad by Midori Way

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Feeling bored with round-shape bowl? Why not explore a new shape of the bowl then? This Wood Salad Bowl set is made of sturdy eco-friendly bamboo and beautifully designed to make your home look just great. The bowl set is unifying very well with formal and everyday table setting. Its golden grained pattern like wood color, shape and size are uniquely beautiful and functional. The bowl is perfectly used not only for salad but also for popcorn while you are watching TV or a movie, as well as for decorating your house or restaurant if you are a restaurant owner. The bowls are also highly recommended for snack-safe for kids or a gift for a house warming. This product by Midori Way is claimed as delivering a great experience to customer and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Why not have a look?

5. Bamboo Salad Bowl Set by BirdRock Home, Wooden Bowl Sets

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This Bamboo Salad Bowl Set consists of one large bowl and four small serving bowls. The shape of each bowl is beautifully crafted from bamboo, generating a great sense of natural touch for your kitchen table, dinner table or countertop. Are you looking for a nice host? Let this stylish Bamboo Salad Bowl Set to serve your favorite salad, pasta, and fruit dish with a friendly smile. This bowl set is also high rated on Amazon. According to customer’s review, the salad bowl is big enough for a family of 3 to 4 members. Yet, it will not be able to accommodate a large gathering party. If you look for a stylish small family salad bowl set, this is a perfect choice.

4. Mountain Woods Mahogany Finish Wooden Salad Bowl Set by Mountain Woods

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Are you looking for a naturally mountainous product? If so, this Wooden Salad Bowl Set is the right choice for you. Although it is a bit more expensive than other wooden bowl set, this bowl is made of a grown hardwood with a deep, rich mahogany quality. The wood origin is from one of the largest mountainous wood plantations in Asia, which are harvested responsibly and environmental-friendly of the forestry practices. Mountain Woods has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing gourmet kitchenware, unsurpassed in brining quality wooden products to your home that are crafted by highly trained artisans and craftsman. The bowl set is made best for salad serving at a dinner parties and barbecues.

3. Oval Boat-shape Salad Bowl Set by BirdRock Home

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If you are a person who love oval shape or boat-shape, this Salad Bowl Set is the right designed for you. The bowl set includes one salad serving bowl, two salad hands, and four small side salad bowls. Its unique and elegant look is hand carved from 100% solid Acacia hardwood and natural resistance to water absorption. Thus it is suitable for not only salad but also other kind of food. The bowl is for hand wash only.

2. Cherry Rim Wood Serving Bowls & Utensils Set by Mountain Woods

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The Cheery Rim Wooden Bowl sets are made of plantation grown Asian hardwood, one of the most popular woods world-wide due to its versatility, function, beauty, and sustainability; accented with cherry finished rim. The bowl set contains one main serving bowl, four small individual bowls and two serving utensils. They all are hand crafted from a beautiful Asian hardwood which make them just great for serving a tasty pastas, salads and side dishes. Mountain Woods has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing gourmet kitchenware, unsurpassed in brining quality wooden products to your home that are crafted by highly trained artisans and craftsman. The bowl set is made best for salads, pastas and side dish serving at your dinner table, gathering and barbecues.

1. Butterfly Individual Salad Bowl or Set of 4 by Nambe

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The set of four butterfly individual bowls is a footed design bowl which is carved from luxury acacia wood which is stainless. Each bowl is well crafted to make it look fluid and airy with mounting lines and an undulant rim. The bowl set can also be used to accompany a large butterfly salad serving bowl for a dinner gathering, a barbecue or a party with pleasant. Only two left in Amazon stock for now. Hurry to order if they are the right match for you.

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