Best Omelet Pans

Omelets are a popular egg dish that many
people make for breakfast and sometimes dinner as well.
Omelets are not particularly difficult to make,
but the rolling or folding they require
can be difficult if you don’t have the right pan.

Folding Omelet Pan
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Top 10 Omelet Pans

PictureOmelet PanSizes (in)Material
Calphalon Aluminum
10.00, 12.00
Aluminum Nonstick
Calphalon Jumbo12.00Anodized Aluminum
Nordic Ware18.90 x 9.50 x 2.00Aluminum
TeChef1.20 x 7.50 x 5.50Aluminum Nonstick
Hommate9.00Ceramic Nonstick
Circulon10.00, 12.00Hard-Anodized Aluminum
and Stainless Steel
Iwachu8.50Cast Iron
All-Clad9.0018/10 Stainless Steel
The French word “Omelette” came into use during the mid-16th century.

Omelet Pan Buying Guide

omelette pan

There are several things you should know about omelet pans and cooking omelets before you purchase a pan for your kitchen. With the right kitchen tool (the right pan) you will find cooking omelets becomes much easier and fun even for the most inexperienced cook.  We’ve listed these things below so you are better equipped to make a good choice.

  • Hefty Pans – As with most types of cookware, heavier omelet pans are better to cook with than lightweight, flimsy ones. A heavy pan will control the heat better and cook more evenly. One of the best materials is copper that has been lined with stainless steel.  These cook quickly, evenly, and cool off fast once you take them off the burner.  Anodized aluminum is another material that is a favorite with chefs.  Cast iron is excellent to cook with especially when it has been seasoned properly, but if you are new to cooking you will probably have an easier time looking for an omelet pan that has a good quality nonstick coating. 
  • Shape is Important – The best shaped omelet pan is going to be oval or round. There are square omelet pans on the market but they are not as easy to use when flipping or rolling the omelets and can cause frustration. The perfect sized pan for single omelet cooking is around 6-10 inches in diameter with sloped sides and a good quality handle. 
  • Non-Stick surface is best – There is nothing more frustrating than spending time cooking a great omelet only to have it stick to the pan and get messed up. Non-stick surfaces on the omelet pans prevent this mishap from occurring. Although non-stick surfaces prevent food from browning, this is not a problem when it comes to making great omelets. A pan that heats up a little slower and does not brown the food is the perfect pan for an omelet. 
  • Cool touch Handles – The handle of your omelet pan is important since you use it during the cooking process. For this reason, stay-cool handles are best because they can be grabbed during the cooking process without worry of burning the user.  Pot holders are not always easy to cook with which is why you want a pan that you can grab without having to grab the potholder first.  Wooden handles are cool to the touch during the cooking process but wood handles are not oven safe typically and don’t do well in the dishwasher either.  Hard plastic handles are also not oven-safe and can melt in the oven or under the broiler. 

red omelette pan

  • Thick, Flat Bottom Pans – the ideal pan for cooking omelets has a bottom that is thick and flat. This allows heating at high temperatures without having hot spots. The heat is evenly distributed and that means great tasting omelets that are cooking perfectly. One of the best materials to look for in the base of your pan is aluminum since it is good for fast heat transfer and even cooking. 
  • Sloped or Flared sides –the sides of your omelet pan are a major part of how easy it is to roll or flip your omelet during the cooking process. Sloped sides make it easy to flip your food as it cooks and the flared sides make sliding the omelet out of the pan and onto the plate super easy. 
  • Easy Maintenance – Choosing a pan that is dishwasher safe is the best way to ensure easy cleanup. Pans that have to have special care such as cast iron can be a hassle for some cooks that do not like to spend time doing extra maintenance. The good thing about cast iron, though, is that when it has been seasoned properly all it needs is to be wiped clean.  Stainless steel is dishwasher safe and easy to clean which makes it a popular material.  Aluminum, on the other hand, has to be washed by hand and needs special cleaners to prevent damage. 


Materials Used in Omelet Pans

Choosing the wrong material for your omelet pan can result in an omelet that sticks and falls apart or that is unevenly cooked.  The type of material an omelet pan is made of determines not only how well the omelet comes out but longevity, heat conduction, and corrosion resistance as well. The materials listed below are most commonly used in the construction of omelet pans.


  • Anodized Aluminum – This type of aluminum is stronger than regular aluminum but doesn’t conduct heat as efficiently. 
  • Aluminum – This material is an excellent heat conductor. It is inexpensive, durable, and lightweight.  There are some problems associated with regular aluminum including being scratched easily, warps easily, discoloration, and having reactions to acidic foods. 

3 ply stainless steel omelette pan

  • Carbon Steel – This lightweight material is very durable and is a great conductor of heat. It is not dishwasher safe which can be a problem for those who do not like having to wash pans by hand. 
  • Stainless Steel – This hearty, heavy material is known for its resistance to damage and its longevity as well. It’s not as good as conducting heat as other types of materials but it is rust resistant and will last a really long time. Food can stick to stainless steel is care is not used during the cooking process. 
  • Copper- Copper is one of the most popular materials for kitchen cookware because it is fantastic at conducting heat and because it looks so beautiful as well. The problem with copper is that it can react to acidic foods giving everything a decided metal taste. One way around this is to look for copper cookware that is combined with stainless steel.


Types of Omelet Pans

There are three different types of omelet pans on the market. Each one is slightly different and has its pros.

  • Traditional – A traditional omelet pan looks a lot like a round frying pan. It is easy to use and has a long handle for simple maneuvering. 

omelette pan

  • French – the French omelet pan has a curved design that is very shallow so you can turn and/or flip the omelet during the cooking process very easily. 
  • Japanese – Japanese omelet pans are made of iron and feature a square shape and typically a deep, rich color.



Choosing the right omelet pan does not have to be difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Before beginning your search, take a few minutes and decide what you really want in an omelet pan.

If you are an experienced cook, a pan made of cast iron may be your favorite thing. If you have not been cooking long or you don’t like messing with special care instructions, look for pans that have non-stick surfaces and that are dishwasher safe and easy to use.

The top rated omelet pans we have featured above are all quality products that will provide you with the tools to cook delicious and great looking omelets with ease.  The sloped sides, long handles, non-stick surfaces, and quality construction make these top rated omelet pans customer favorites. 

The buying guide above has furnished all the information you need to sort through the many different kinds of omelet pans and narrow down your choices so you can choose one that will meet your needs in all ways from easy cleanup to safe handling during the cooking process. 

There are many different brands and styles to choose from and they come in a variety of sizes as well. Many people purchase a few different styles so they can cook on a smaller scale for one or two people or cook larger amounts when the whole family is in the mood for a great omelet.

Take the information we have provided, separate out several of your favorite omelet pans and compare them against each other so you purchase the one that will meet your needs and provide you with the right tools to create yummy omelets that your whole family will enjoy.



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