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Bra shopping can be frustrating for anyone whether it is your first bra or your 100th. More often than not, you spend time in the racks of bras, thinking you have the right size only to find out it doesn’t feel right when you get home. Out of all clothing items a person can buy, the bra is probably the hardest to fit properly.

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Top 10 Most Comfortable Bras

PictureMost Comfortable
Bali Shaping BraSmall to 3X- Large38+ Color Choices95% Nylon, 5% Spandex; Lining: 100% Polyester
Hanes Cozy BraSmall to 3X- Large16 Color ChoicesNylon/Spandex Blend
Hanes Evolution BraSmall to 3X- Large14 Color Choices89% Polyester, 11% Spandex
Leading Lady34A/B to 52 F/G/H15 Color Choices90% Cotton, 10% Spandex

Bali Convertible Bra34C to 42DD9 Color ChoicesOuter Body: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
Hanes Convertible BraSmall to X-Large5 Color Choices80% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Just My Size38D to 48DDWhiteCotton/Spandex/Nylon/Polyester
CoobieSmall to X-Large26 Color ChoicesNylon/Spandex
Carole Martin36 to 44White, Beige, and BlackNylon/Spandex Fabric Blend
Eve's Temptation32B to 40C7 Color ChoicesCup Lining: 100% Nylon; Bra Band: Nylon 79%, Spandex 21%

Most Comfortable Bras Buying Guide

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Every woman is different and that includes her breasts as well.  There is no such thing as a bra that fits every person’s shape and size.  For this reason it is important to know what features to look for when researching bras so you can choose the perfect comfortable bra for your personal preferences and needs.

The first and most important part of choosing the best comfortable bra for your body is to know what size you need.  Choose one that is too small and you will create an unflattering line underneath clothing; choose one that is too big and you will also create an unflattering look that doesn’t feel good when it is on.


How to Measure Properly

All you need to find your true bra size is a tape measure and the best fitting bra you have. If possible make it an underwire rather than a sports bra or one that minimizes breast size or flattens them.  This step will need to be done before you start researching comfortable bras.

Step One – Measure Band Size - With your bra on, take a measurement around the ribcage right underneath your bust. Keep the tape measure snug and level all the way around you. It may be easier to have someone help you take these measurements so you can be sure that the tape measure is in the right place and at the right tension level. If the measurement is an odd number round up to the next even number and write that down on a slip of paper.

Step Two – Measure Bust SizeNow take a looser measurement over the fullest part of the breast and again, round the number up to the nearest inch.

Step Three – Calculating Your Cup SizeOne you have both measurements written down, subtract the number you wrote down for the band size from the number you wrote down for the bust size and take that number and compare it with the chart we have provided below.

Bra Size Chart

Bust Size Minus Band is:

      USA Cup Sizes

Under 1”






























Bra Vocabulary

When bra shopping it helps to understand the different parts of a bra and what they are called. We have provided this information below so you can shop the different styles with ease.  This information also helps you identify the potential problems that you are having with proper fit.

Women Underwear Tank Tops Bra

  1. Bra Cup – This is the part that the breast fits into. It is typically made of stretchy material.
  2. Bra Band – The band of the bra is the elastic part that goes around your chest just under the bust.
  3. Bra Wings – The wings of your bra are on either side and extend from the end of the cups to the middle of the back.
  4. Bra Straps – This is the part of the bra that goes over the shoulders and help support the breasts. They should not dig into the shoulders and are almost always adjustable. Sometimes the straps are padded.
  5. Center Gore – This may be a completely new term. The center gore of the bra is the part that is between the two cups in the front of the bra.
  6. Bra Closure – The closure of the bra is how the bra stays closed. It can be in the front or back and is usually hook and eye. Some bras are pullover style and do not have a hook and eye at all.


The Right Style Bra for You

If you want to have a drawer full of bras that look great on you, then you need to pay attention to hat us flattering on you and what enhances the bust line and what looks unflattering.  Certain styles will look better on you than others.

Bras look better when they flatter your torso and shoulders as well as the chest itself. Try to coordinate the width of the strips to the width of the shoulders so they flatter them instead of overemphasizing their shape.  For example, if you have broader shoulders, look for bras that have thinner straps and a deep plunge which will draw the attention toward the middle and not focus on the wideness of the shoulders.

On the flip side, if your shoulders are very narrow or frail looking consider bras that create a more horizontal across the chest and torso to give the impression of wider shoulders.  This applies to those that have short torsos as well.  If your torso is short, look for bras that have plunges in the middle which will elongate the torso. 


Shopping Tips When Purchasing Bras

There is no such thing as a bra that is one size fits all.  There are many different styles to choose from so determining which ones have what you are look for before you ever purchase one will save you the headache of having to return items and wait to get the bras you really want.  Here are some shopping tips that can make the shopping experience better.

racerbax sport bra

  • Make sure you look for bras that are seamless for less irritation, supportive, the proper size, that have smooth cups and that are comfortable. 
  • Always have nude bras in your drawers. Nude is the perfect color to wear under white t shirts and blouses as well as tops that are thinner than normal shirts and tops. 
  • Have some great sports bras in your collection. Sports bras should be worn when exercising for the protection of your bust area that does not do well when jarred around a lot. 
  • Don’t forget to shop for a strapless bra as well to where for dressier clothing, especially clothing that shows off the back or shoulders. 
  • Choose a variety of colors and patterns and styles, keeping true to your correct size.  Wearing different bras for different occasions prevents one bra from getting worn out quickly by being the only one you have.  If you find a bra you really like, it is better to choose several in that same size and style rather than just wearing the same one day in and day out.  
  • Most people like to purchase items online these days and bras can be purchased this way as well especially if you have the proper size in mind when you start researching.  The main thing to remember is look at descriptions, customer comments, and size availability to ensure you get bras that are going to fit your body, your style, and your budget.               



When you’re wearing an uncomfortable bra, it can affect your whole day, especially if you spend the day tugging on the band or fixing the straps.  The first step in finding a good comfortable bra is knowing your correct size. 

This buying guide has provided you with the information you need to measure yourself properly so you know what size bra you need.  We have also given you the common bra vocabulary so you understand the descriptions of the bras you are interested in. 

With so many choices, styles, and brands available it can get overwhelming quickly. This guide, the chart, and the reviews of five of the top-rated bras on the market will help make the search for the right comfortable bra much easier so you spend your money wisely and get exactly what you need and want.