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The popular Futon started out in Japan as simply a mattress that could be easily rolled up and put in storage during the daytime. Nowadays, futons have wood, metal, and even upholstered frames that the mattresses fit on and are used in dorm rooms, kids’ bedrooms, dens, and even in some living rooms. One of the best things about futons is the extra sleeping space they offer without taking up space.

comfortable futon bed
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Top 10 Most Comfortable Futons

PictureMost Comfortable FutonsSleeping Dimensions
# of Colors
DHP Emily71.00 L X 43.00 W X 16.00 H7 Color ChoicesFaux Leather, Microfiber
DHP Lodge39.00 W X 71.50 L X 14.50 H4 Color ChoicesMicrofiber
Modern70.50 L X 43.50 W X 16.00 H
6 Color Choices Linen
70.50 L X 43.50 W X 16.00 H
5 Color Choices Linen
Modern Entertainment38.50 L X 66.00 W X 13.00 HBlackPU Leather
Best Choice Folding68.50 L X 40.00 W X 13.50 HBlack & GrayMicrofiber

Modern Tufted82.00 L X 35.00 W X 32.00 HBlack & WhiteBonded Leather
DHP Bergen Wood71.50 W X 39.00 D X 14.50 HTanLinen
Best Choice Splitback
75.50 L X 43.00 W X 23.00 H4 Color ChoicesLinen
Best Choice PU Leather69.00 L X 33.00 W X 30.00 HWhitePU Leather

Most Comfortable Futon Buying Guide

Comfortable Futon Bed

Any time you make a furniture purchase it is best to take a few minutes and figure out exactly what your needs are.  These needs will determine the best style, frame, cover style, and cost for you. There are several things to think about before you purchase a futon.  Answer these questions before you begin your search:

  1. Is the futon for extra seating, extra sleeping space or both? – Some futons are better used as sofas than beds. If you are only going to have guests sleep on it occasionally, it may not be as important to look for a high quality, expensive mattress.  If you will be using it a lot for both sitting and sleeping, it benefits you to spend the money on the best futon you can afford. 
  1. Where will the futon be placed? – Are you looking for something that will stand up to the wear and tear a teen or college student puts on furniture or will it be in an office for occasional seating and/or naps in the office? Where you are putting your futon will help you decide on just the right style that will fit in with your current décor. 
  1. What other furniture is in the room? - You don’t want your futon to stick out like a sore thumb so take into consideration the other furnishings in the home and what the overall design theme is and match accordingly unless you want to redesign the style of the room. 
  1. Will the futon be the focal point of the room? - If you will be designing the room around the futon you will want to look for designs that are heartier and more noticeable. You will also want to ensure that you spend the money on a futon that will be really comfortable for your friends and family who may be using it. 


Keep These Considerations in Your Mind When Shopping

The following points will help you choose the right futon for your space.  A futon is a large piece of furniture so you want to be careful to choose correctly the first time so you don’t have to struggle with returning a large, heavy box.

  • Measure the space – It is important to measure the space you will be putting your futon correctly so you choose a style that will fit the space you have to work with. One way to do that is to tape off the outline or shadow of the new futon and where it will go so you can see how much room it actually takes up.  The frame that the futon has will also play a big factor in how much room you will need so don’t forget to include that in the taped off portion.  
  • What else is in the room? – If you are going to use the futon regularly as a bed it is very important that you look at what else is in the room. The futon will take up more space when it is flat and you don’t want to have to move around a bunch of furniture every time it is laid flat to go to sleep at night. 

Comfortable Futon Bed

  • The Mattress is important – A beautiful frame means nothing if the mattress is thin and uncomfortable. Pay attention to the thickness of the mattress that comes with the futon and read customer comments and reviews about the quality of the mattress from others who have purchased it and used it. 
  • Easy operation – If you are going to use the futon as a seat and a bed on a regular basis look for models that are easy to lay flat and bring back to a seated position. If you have to battle the futon every time you want to use it you will become frustrated very quickly. 
  • What size do you need? – Futons come in twin, full and queen sizes. King-sized futons are not as common but if you need that size, they can be found. Who will be sleeping on it plays a big part of determining what size you need. A younger child will be fine on a twin but a teen will more than likely need a full or queen to be comfortable. 
  • Material for the upholstery – Futon mattresses come in a variety of materials from PU leather to microfiber to linen. Keep in mind who will be using it and where it will be set up when you are looking at different upholstery. For kids or teens, look for material that can be cleaned easily.



Common Futon Terminology

The words below are common futon terms that will be helpful for you during your research. Knowing these words will ensure that you understand the descriptions you will be reading about each futon.

  • Slat Rack – Slat racks are the platforms that the futon rests on in both stationary platform futons and convertible sofa-bed styles.
  • Conversion – This is the process of being converted from a futon that is in the seated position to one that is ready to be slept on.
  • Back Rest - The slat rack that makes up the back of the futon when it is in the upright position is called the back rest.  This back rest becomes part of the bed when it is laid flat.
  • Red Futon Bed

  • Seat Rack- The slat rack that makes up the seat of the futon when it is in the upright position is called a seat rack.  The seat rack also becomes part of the bed when it is flat.
  • Kicker – The kicker is a part of the futon that is wedged between the back rest and the seat rack and allows the futon to smoothly go from seated to sleeping position.
  • Bi-Fold – A bi-fold convertible futon has two slat racks.  The mattress will be folded in half on a bi-fold futon.
  • Tri-Fold – A tri-fold convertible futon has three slat racks.  The mattress typically hangs over the back of the entire frame and folds under itself on the seat rack or it can lay flat.  The mattress will be folded three times on a tri-fold futon.
  • Wall Hugger – When a futon is called a wall hugger this means that it can be opened to the sleeping position without having to be moved away from the wall first.  This is a very good design for smaller spaces.


Common Futon Frame Materials 

Futon frames are made from a variety of materials.  Choosing the right style comes down to personal preference mostly and doesn’t affect the futon much except in terms of space and size. 

  • Wood - Wood framed futons are very popular and common. They are very versatile when it comes to décor and have a variety of styles that appeal to many different types of consumers.  They are typically durable and study, especially the higher end wood framed futons.  You might pay more but if you make sure the futon is made from solid wood such as oak, pine, cherry, and others, you will have a piece of furniture that will last decades. 

Biege Futon Bed

  • Metal – Metal futons are lighter in weight, easier to move and make great beds and couches for dorm rooms. They can also have unique shapes. Metal futons are not as ornate or fancy as wood futons but they can still be attractive and stylish.  Do not purchase inexpensive metal frames or you will just end up having to purchase another one soon. 
  • Upholstered - Upholstered futons are more elegant in design and are typically not used in dorms, kids’ rooms but are often seen in offices, dens, and guest rooms due to their fancier style. They have a look very similar to an actual sofa but still have the functionality of a futon. 



Futons have changed a lot of the last several years.  What used to be just a way to furnish a dorm room or basement with an easy bed has now progressed to much fancier styles and possibilities.  With all of the new designs that futons can have, you can decorate living rooms, dens, and guest rooms and feel really proud of the style and look it adds to the room.

The information we have provided in this guide and in the reviews above will help you sort through the multitude of futons that are available on the market so you can eliminate the ones that won’t work for your needs.  The right knowledge, such as what we have given you here, will make finding and choosing the perfect futon simple and easy.  The hardest part will be trying to decide which style you like best and what color to choose.